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Selling a house is a big decision. You naturally want to sell your home for the best possible sales price. And know that you are making a good financial decision. A home sale that offers you enough space for the next step. With the extensive real estate agency service of Yourhome sales agent Amsterdam, you can be sure that you will get the best price.

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 Do you want to sell your home for the best possible price?


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The best nicest begeleiding bij woningverkoop in Amsterdam

We show you what price you can sell your home for and what steps are required to realize that value. We take care of you throughout the entire process, so that you only have to take action when you want to be involved. We have a no-nonsense mindset, prefer to work in our sneakers and go to work for you without financial obligations.

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Yourhome is a member of the Dutch Cooperative Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers; the 'NVM'. With more than 4,400 affiliated real estate agents and appraisers, the NVM is the largest membership organization of real estate agents, appraisers and real estate experts in the Netherlands. As an NVM sales agent in Amsterdam, we have access to the largest estate agent network in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. As a real estate agent affiliated with NVM, we can offer you the most recent and complete data on the Amsterdam housing market. This way, together we are well informed and well prepared for the sale of your home.

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Yourhome sale agents in Amsterdam

Yourhome real estate agents Amsterdam

Sell your house for the best price on the market. That is the goal of your Yourhome sales agent Amsterdam. We are a team of enthusiastic, flexible and driven sales agents.

No-nonsense, goal-oriented and committed. We are also available during and outside office hours and use the latest marketing techniques. This way we interest as many potential buyers as possible in your home!


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Your appartement pand penthouse voor de beste prijs verkopen

In de huidige Amsterdamse woningmarkt is het niet moeilijk om een hoog bod te krijgen. Maar de allerbeste verkoopprijs en ook nog eens goede voorwaarden krijgen is een ander verhaal. We hebben ruime ervaring in het verkopen van woningen in Amsterdam Zuid, Oost en zelfs ZeeburgMet onze uitgebreide dienstverlening en op maat gemaakte verkoopstrategie weten we telkens weer de hoogste verkoopprijzen met daarbij de beste voorwaarden te realiseren voor onze klanten.

Which steps do we walk through together?

Initial interview
We start every process with a no-obligation intake interview. The sales agent will visit you. During this conversation we get to know each other and view your home.
Based on the introductory meeting, your sales agent will make a free valuation for your home. We will present or send you this valuation, accompanied by our proposal. If you are enthusiastic about our sales service, we will work together to sell your home.
Sales styling of the home
Free worth 495 euros! The presentation of your home is extremely important for achieving a great offer. Small changes often make a big difference. Our sales stylist will visit you free of charge (worth € 495) to style your home for photos and viewings. We always go for a proven effective, calm and clean look.
Good photos are extremely important for potential buyers. They often choose a house based on a good feeling. Photos are the first step in creating this feeling. We work with fantastic photographers who specialize in real estate marketing. Your house will be a beautiful picture!
By law, the home must be measured according to the NEN 2580 standard. This means that the potential buyer knows exactly how spacious the house is. We take care of this measurement and use it to create a 2D and 3D floor plan of the house.
Create advertisement
A good advertisement makes potential buyers enthusiastic. Our marketing team creates a professional advertisement that stands out because of its beautiful images and no-nonsense text. We write the advertisement in such a way that it invites interested parties to plan a viewing immediately. We also create a beautifully designed digital brochure of the home, in which all important information for the buyer can be found.
Yes! We are ready to share the property with the general public. We use well-known platforms such as and, but also make the house visible on social media. We can also offer your home internationally via websites such as and This way we ensure that the advertisement reaches the right people.
Before your home comes online, our colleague Lisa or Famke will coordinate the viewing times with you. We supervise all viewings individually and ensure that potential buyers are shown around enthusiastically and can get started with the right information.
The first bids have been received. Now the real work begins! Negotiation is our specialty. We ensure that the price of the home is increased as high as possible during the negotiation. In the meantime, we will keep you informed of the progress. We will only agree when you are completely satisfied with the price offered.
Purchase agreement
The champagne can almost be uncorked, because the next step is drawing up the purchase agreement. We also supervise this process. We check the notary's contract and go through it with you, so that you are fully aware of everything it contains.
Yes, the house has been sold for a top price! We will visit again to inspect the house and record meter readings. Then we visit the notary. We check the deed of delivery and accompanying bill of settlement at the notary. If you agree, you sign it. You will receive the surplus value of the home directly into your account.
Your home in Amsterdam has been sold. You look for something new or immediately take the next step and buy or rent another home. Whether it concerns renting, selling or purchasing; the varied team of Yourhome Makelaars Amsterdam is always there for you.

Een huis verkopen is een grote beslissing. Je wilt natuurlijk jouw woning verkopen voor de best mogelijke verkoopprijs. En weten dat je daarmee een goede financiële beslissing maakt. Met de uitgebreide makelaarsservice van Yourhome verkoopmakelaar Amsterdam weet je zeker dat je de beste prijs krijgt. We hebben ervaring met huizen in Amsterdam centrum, maar ook huizen in de rivierenbuurt and Ijburg