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The NVM best nicest aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam

Your purchasing agent from Yourhome Makelaars Amsterdam will find the home that suits you based on your housing needs, requirements and budget. In addition, our enthusiastic team ensures that this special moment becomes a smooth and, above all, fun purchasing process. Our Amsterdam purchasing agent will work with you to find and purchase your new home within two months. Do you want to know how? Then read on and discover our home purchasing service in Amsterdam.

Do you recognize yourself in this?


I want to buy a house in the Amsterdam region.


I want to make sure I buy a good house.


I want to make buying my home smooth and quick.

The best nicest home purchase guidance from Amsterdam

We show you clearly what is possible within your housing needs, requirements and budget. We have a no-nonsense mindset and always provide honest advice. With our extensive market knowledge and professional network in Amsterdam, we aim for a successful purchase of your dream home. Together we make purchasing your Amsterdam home a party!

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Yourhome aankoopmakelaar Amsterdam

Buy your new home for the best possible price and conditions. That's our goal. Yourhome has a team of enthusiastic, flexible and driven purchasing agents. No-nonsense, goal-oriented and committed. Your Yourhome purchasing agent Amsterdam is available during and outside office hours. Your Amsterdam purchasing agent will also make buying your new home a lot easier and more fun.

Your NVM MVA Qualis certified purchasing agent Amsterdam

Yourhome is a member of the Dutch Cooperative Association of Real Estate Agents and Appraisers; the 'NVM'. With more than 4,400 affiliated real estate agents and appraisers, the NVM is the largest membership organization of real estate agents, appraisers and real estate experts in the Netherlands. As an NVM purchasing agent in Amsterdam, we have access to the largest real estate agent network in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. As a real estate agent affiliated with NVM, we can offer you the most recent and complete data on the Amsterdam housing market. This way, together we are well informed and well prepared for the sale of your home.

Yourhome Purchasing agents in Amsterdam

Lody Bunschoten

Purchasing agent Amsterdam


Michael Wielinga

Purchasing agent Amsterdam

Diederick Hoorn

Purchasing agent Amsterdam

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Search the house together that suits you

Purchasing your house is a major purchase, and you often have to make a quick decision. You want to be sure that the house suits you, now and for years to come. That a good financial investment will be done and you are not paying too much. With our home purchasing service you can be sure you are making the right choice.

To your dream house in 15 steps

Which steps do we walk through together?

During this conversation you will gain insight into the current market. We will tell you about our services and discuss your housing needs. We look at your options and possibilities with your financial situation in the short and long term. If you are enthusiastic about our service, we will exchange information and contact you.
Start search
If you have confidence in our purchasing agent, we will be happy to welcome you as a new client. Yourhome will send you the service order via DocuSign. We ask you to sign this and return it to us together with a copy of your identification. This is done via a digital system and takes no time and effort. Let's get started!
Offer selection
From now on, you will receive all relevant housing offers from our purchasing agents that we think suit your housing needs. It is important that we receive feedback from you quickly on this offer. With this information we can tailor the offer even better to your wishes. Would you like to view a home and/or make an offer? Then you let us know and we will plan a viewing together with your purchasing agent.
Schedule a viewing
Our purchasing agent will contact the selling agent for the viewing. Your agenda will be taken into account as much as possible. One of our purchasing agents will always assist you during the viewing. This way you always have an expert with thorough knowledge at your side.
The purchase viewing will take place together with the purchasing agents. The structural condition is examined, what (renovation) options the home has and whether the home and living environment suit your needs. Our purchasing agent always uses his expertise and asks all important questions to the selling agent.
Determining value
Have you become enthusiastic? Then you want to know what the house is really worth. Your purchasing agent in Amsterdam will send you a valuation by e-mail. This home valuation contains various references. These are recently sold and comparable homes in the same neighborhood. This gives you immediate insight into the current market and the value of the home you have in mind.
If the value matches your budget, then it is time to investigate whether it is really a good home. Our purchasing agent Amsterdam will check all pieces that are available. This includes the title deed, the homeowners' association documentation, completed questionnaires, any division deed and leasehold conditions. He will share with you all the features that stand out to our purchasing agent.
Negotiate / make a registration proposal
If after the valuation and research we still think it is a good buy, we will make a proposal on your behalf. In many cases this means participating in a registration, where you have the opportunity to make a one-off extreme proposal. In other cases we will negotiate and thus achieve the best home price and conditions for you.
Acceptance and agreements
Yes! We managed to reach an agreement with the seller(s). Now we will have to make a number of agreements to initiate the purchasing process. The agreements are scheduled and coordinated by your Amsterdam purchasing agent with you and the selling party. The following appointments are scheduled: - Notary, appointment to sign the purchase agreement - Appraisal, for mortgage application - Construction inspection (optional, but recommended)
Mortgage advisor
It is important to inform your mortgage advisor immediately of the agreement. He needs a number of documents from you to initiate the mortgage application. Your application can only be submitted once all documents have been received by the mortgage advisor. Your advisor will need all your personal financial information, a signed purchase agreement and a valuation report. You can prepare this in advance.
*Building inspection
*optional. In many cases, the structural inspection takes place before signing the purchase agreement. During the appointment, the building inspector will provide an explanation of everything relevant that he sees and encounters. You will receive the detailed inspection report by e-mail or post no later than two days after the structural inspection. Do the structural inspection reveal any problems that were not previously known? Sometimes additional research is necessary. In some cases, a new negotiation with the seller(s) is chosen.
Sign purchase agreement
About two days before signing the deed of purchase, your purchasing agent in Amsterdam will receive the draft for the purchase agreement from the notary. When the purchase agreement is signed digitally, an appointment is made to discuss the deed by telephone. This appointment takes approximately one hour. If the deed is signed at the notary's office, the deed will be fully discussed at the time of signing. Your Amsterdam purchasing agent will ensure that he has fully reviewed the deed before the meeting.
Arrange a mortgage
From this moment on, there will be a lot fewer contact moments with your purchasing agent. All focus is now on completing a mortgage. In the meantime, we will maintain contact with your mortgage advisor to stay informed of all progress. If the advisor does not have enough time to finalize the mortgage within the resolutive conditions, your purchasing agent in Amsterdam will ask the selling party for extra time.
Check pieces
The notary provides the draft of the deed of delivery and the bill of settlement approximately five days before the delivery takes place. You can discuss this invoice with your Amsterdam purchasing agent. All cost items are reviewed. This way you know exactly what you pay for.
To deliver
The big day is here: delivery! The day you've been looking forward to all this time, the day you get the keys to your new house. To ensure that the house is still in as good a condition as it was during the viewing, we check the house again before signing the title. Then we go to the notary and sign the transfer and mortgage deed.
Congratulations on your home!
Our goal has been achieved. You have purchased a home in Amsterdam, completely according to your wishes. You celebrate this success together with your purchasing agent. Enjoy the wonderful time that awaits you. A step forward and a new period in your life in Amsterdam. Cheers!

A goed nice fantastic house for a good price

Your Yourhome purchasing agent Amsterdam ensures that you are happy with the home you buy. That you feel good about the place and your bid. So that you then have enough financial space to enjoy the beautiful life in Amsterdam!

We understand that purchasing a home in Amsterdam can be quite a project for you. That is why we provide you with complete peace of mind during the purchasing process with our home purchasing assistance

We can offer our successful service through the large network that we have built up in Amsterdam over the last ten years. If you choose us, you will make a valuable investment in your life in Amsterdam. You will find a house where you feel at home and safe.

No cure, no pay purchase guidance
We believe in the quality of our service.

Are we the right purchasing agent for you?

We would like to start with an initial introductory meeting of approximately 45-60 minutes. After this first meeting, we hope that we have convinced you with our enthusiasm, knowledge and service. We cordially invite you to make an appointment and be surprised by our purchasing guidance, rated 9.5!

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Certified purchasing agent Amsterdam

Not only professionally, we also do what we promise.

Have you already become enthusiastic and curious about the next steps? Come have a cup of coffee with Michael, Diederick or Lody for more information.